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Enterprise Business Solutions in Financial Services, Cyber Crimes, BI, Analytics, in'Advanced Certified Anti-Hacking and State Security Clouds Model. VALOORES is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Business Solutions and BI Vertical Decision Making. We are a World Class Company implementing products and services to Tier1 Corp. Our resources pool is spread over North America (US and Canada), Europe (Eastern & Western), Africa, and the Middle East. VALOORES, established in 1989, operates in 17 countries.

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The Global Compliance Pain

Experience the most powerful and flexible tools for Compliance

At VALOORES, we take a different approach to data intelligence providing real-time transparency into the risk of Financial Institutions’ customers. Specializing in high-risk processes with high volume clients, our global coverage enables us to spot tens of thousands of risk events within millions of structured and unstructured data sources, every day.

As institutions improve their tools, VALOORES is often chosen to digitize client onboarding (KYC/KYB), monitor ongoing customer behaviors and financial crime risk, and comply with AML/CFT. Our suite of products can be configured to serve all banking sectors from Tier 1 Financial Institutions to Community Banks focusing on one to two banking segments.

“The system is simple to set up and use, and flexible to fine-tune. Using ‘shared compliance infrastructure’ also allows us to focus our technical resource on other core business activities”

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VALOORES provides clean, clear and classy data and unparalleled insight and analytics through tools tailored to your workflow so you can move from big ideas to big results.

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Companies are looking to be ever competitive and stay well ahead of the competition. VALOORES has mastered this by staying on top of the latest technology trends, and has been using these to deliver Intelligent Business Solutions. In the late 1990's, VALOORES was the first software provider to implement full light-web solutions for the retail industry. Today, with the seventh version of VALOORES Suite, namely i3v7, VALOORES is maintaining its position ahead of the market, by providing portlet-based architecture, which is fully developed using HTML5 for compatibility and designed for mobility (access via Smart Phones, PDA's, Tablet PC's, …). Introducing industry best practices to the architecture and infrastructure of our solutions demonstrates our conscious efforts to ensure our products and services are compliant with our client's IT policy ... Read More

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"They tried to bury us,
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"They tried to bury us,
they didn't know we were seeds."

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