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Anti-Money Laundering: VALOORES in'AML

“VALOORES Financial Crime & Compliance suite of applications helps financial institutions tackle today's tactical risk & compliance problems.”

News/Press Release

“Read VALOORES' latest news”


“Are you looking to build your career? Join us and dare to imagine! ”

VALOORES in'Banking

“Building a 21st Century Technology Platform Data Governance - Risk - Compliance - Profitability

In a Time of Change, VALOORES has embraced the metamorphosing Banking business models, to sustain justified growth, and tackle challenges segregated around Governance, Risk, Compliance, Financial Crime, Regulatory Compliance Reporting, Profitability, Payments, Marketing & Campaigns, Trust, and Engagement."

VALOORES in'Insurance

“Delivers a best-in-class solution that is functionally rich, easily upgradeable, and highly efficient for insurance companies of all sizes and lines of business.”

VALOORES in'Multimedia

“A pioneer in the area of digital transformation and interactive communications for individual and corporate branding strategies with emphasis on creative designs, and content production enabling intuitive web interfaces.”

VALOORES in'Retail

“We focus our strategy on providing standardized solutions to world class retailers, and on accomplishing their business objectives by guaranteeing a return on investment.”

VALOORES in'Healthcare

“Creating opportunities, reducing costs, and improving health care through data-driven transformations.”

VALOORES in'Technology

“We deliver on our promises: Our flexible methodology and advanced architecture yield intelligent business solutions, rapidly!”

E-Governance & Education

“Covers the need of decisions makers to stay on top of the critical operations, maximize performance and opportunities, identify potential issues earlier, and address them before they escalate into real problems.”

Consultancy Services

“VALOORES consultants are available to provide support during VALOORES project implementation on site or off premises.”

VALOORES Business Intelligence

“Predictive analytics and forecasting are becoming more essential for organizations due to high competitive markets.”

VALOORES in’Analytica

“We can't solve problems
by using the same kind of
thinking we used when we created them.
The whole of science is nothing
more than a refinement
of everyday thinking.”
~ Albert Einstein

VALOORES Global Integration

“They tried to bury us.
They didn't know we were seeds.”

VALOORES in'Academy

“VALOORES in'Academy offers learning solutions focused on building job-related skills for continual professional development”


“VALOORES is one of the global leading providers of Enterprise Management & Decision Making solutions.”

Anti-Money Laundering