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valoores Global Integration

Application Extensions
valoores can construct, test and implement extensions to the existing public or in house applications. The team can also perform process review using SIPOC method or reverse engineering and integrate new functionality and data into existing application.

IT Development Outsourcing
valoores IT teams present different expertise in several languages compiled, extensions, and markup languages: JAVA, HTML, Python, CSS, SQL, Pl/SQL, XML, C, C#, C++, Perl, PHP. In different platforms (Unix, Windows, Apple, Android) and Data base management (Oracle, MS SQL, Hadoop, MySQL).

Application Testing and Certification
- valoores testing department is capable of creating test cases covering functionality and business process via manual or automated execution.
- Perform analysis of application execution against requirements, data input, performance, data integrity and expected output capturing defects, failures and execution time.
- Perform data preparation and data reset for data optimization testing.
- Generates comprehensive testing logs and application assessment.