Summary of the IFRS9 Summit:

The IFRS9 Summit, which took place on the 5th of December 2016 at the Institute for Finance and Governance at ESA in Beirut, welcomed more than 400 attendees from over 100 Banks and Financial Institutions. This event was hosted by the Central Bank of Lebanon in collaboration with 3 International Institutions: VALOORES, Deloitte and Harvard Club of Lebanon, who shared their practical risk and compliance expertise, insights and guidance on key implementation and integration challenges. The IFRS 9 Impairment, Classification and Hedge Accounting transformation process was presented from three perspectives:
1. VALOOREScovered the IFRS9 solution delivery and associated change management process
2. Deloitte presented a global overview of IFRS9
3. The Harvard Club of Lebanon shared IFRS9 legal insighst and its implications

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We brought together a group of industry specialists to demystify IFRS 9 requirements


Banque Du Liban

As the regulator, BDL’s role is to make sure banks are compliant with the guidelines and rules set by IFRS and safeguard a smooth transition between the currently used IAS39 and IFRS9.



VALOORES will provide Practical Insights into meeting the System and Data Challenges of IFRS 9 Implementation.



Consultants need to build and share diligence around IFRS9 and the best practices based on every banks characteristics.


Harvard Club of Lebanon

Harvard Club of Lebanon in association with the Lebanese Bar Association will be bringing expertise around the Laws that could impact the IFRS 9 implementation methods.

IFRS9 Summit was a Success!
Over 400 attendees from 100 Banks
& Financial Institutions.


IFRS 9 is the replacement of the IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement. IFRS 9 introduced new requirements for classifying and measuring financial assets, incorporated new requirements on accounting for financial liabilities and carried over from IAS 39 the requirements for the Derecognition of financial assets and financial liabilities. IFRS 9 also includes a new general hedge accounting model, allowing early adoption of the treatment of fair value changes due to own credit on liabilities designated at fair value through profit or loss. Read More

IFRS 9 Summit Photo Gallery
Sharing with you some of the best moments of the event

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