VALOORES, as a privately held company, has embraced the metamorphosing Banking & Finance business models, to sustain growth, and tackle challenges segregated around governance, risk, compliance, profitability, payments, competition, branding, loyalty, Omni-channel experience, trust and engagement and commoditization.
VALOORES has introduced an ROI-aware, decision-based mindset around its line of solutions to address lost opportunities and cope with the industry trends, models, and growth.
VALOORES’ solutions are conceived to co-exist with the Banks’ already existing ecosystem, shielded from the core banking and the already existing Front / Back Office systems, to effectively address multi-directional financials, and secure strategies & objectives.

VALOORES’ products road map is one of the most flexible in the industry. We constantly absorb new market demands and shrink their time to market. Our added value is the simplicity and elegance of our approach. VALOORES recognizes that every bank is different, and there is no “One Solution that fits all” mind-set, so we provide a large number of configurable options at every level of our solutions in order to meet set expectations and when needed, adapt, tailor, or change any part of our solution to your needs - all while adhering to our strict design standards and customization rules.

The VALOORES Data Governance cushion accommodates future diversification through Lines of Business, without having to revisit the architecture blueprint: secure information integrity, streamline consistent consolidation, and drive tracking (centralize customer file against black listing & KYC ...).

VALOORES’ solution set leverages Financial Analytics’ (FinAL) Automation on heavy manual compilation of Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Cash Flow, Ratios, and Financial KPIs / KRIs, alongside a GRC rule-based engine: Financial backbone needs to be automated, with data cleansing in the background, to stretch the analysis bandwidth while gauging and vetting out profitability (switching gears from 80% preparation and 20 % analysis, /to/, 20% preparation and 80% on profitability analysis and strategy). VALOORES tackles the Investment Portfolio automation to rule out manual efforts in consolidation, checks and balances, and industrialize analysis / interpretation.


The search for a better BI solution stops here. At VALOORES, our objective is to provide you with the only Dashboard, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions you’ll need for your business. With VALOORES’ powerful and intuitive BI and Analytics Solutions, you stay connected to your data wherever you are in the world with our technology.

Our highly incorporated BI solution optimizes the usage of the large data transforming it into readable, reliable and relevant information. Engage with your peers and your customers. Share your data with just a click using our advanced Dashboard solutions. VALOORES solutions are designed with you in mind, for real people using real data making important business decisions that will positively impact growth and overall performance of organizational results.

We give you the right solutions to bring you intuitive, intelligent, sharable information to keep you two steps ahead of the competition.


We are committed to providing your organization with the best BI/Dashboard solutions, developed to support key stakeholders to make smarter business decisions that will improve your competitive advantage while supporting company ambitions.

Our mission is to offer an intuitive flexible solution based on the latest technology, customizable to fit your business needs, using interactive reports and dashboards.

We are dedicated to insure our solutions optimize your company’s operational results and reduce administrative cost, while helping you maintain regulatory compliance and international standards.