FRANSABANK Group Goes Live with VALOORES' Solutions
June, 2017

VALOORES’ platform delivers complete control over every step of the Regulatory Reporting and Analysis Processes, which are key considerations for FRANSABANK Group.

FRANSABANK Group, the third-largest Lebanese bank, expands its use of VALOORES' in'Risk Compliance and Capital Calculations platform, to meet its Regulatory Reporting obligations. The implementation spans a suite of asset classes and covers all key functions of the Analytical and Regulatory Reporting life cycle; from LCR to CCAR, alongside the breadth of the reporting requirements.

VALOORES provides an ecosystem of solutions and services across governance, risk, compliance, alongside organizational profitability, efficiency, and growth. VALOORES’ solution consolidates data for Regulatory Reporting purposes and allows banks to not only provide greater transparency to regulators, but also more effectively manage their risk exposure across all business functions. VALOORES’ multi-entity, multi-channel, and multi-divisional solution set, secures BCBS 239 guardrails through governance and architecture, risk data aggregation, risk reporting, and supervisory review, to shed light over risk exposures and profitability opportunities. VALOORES' Regulatory Update service, though, maintained by VALOORES’ experts who actively monitor regulation, helps to ensure the solution is current, at all times.

VALOORES' Regulatory Reporting solution equips multi-jurisdiction institutions with a Business Process Management vehicle, a Data Governance platform, a multi-language capacity, a report designer to adapt to regulations as they metamorphose, a universal dashboard engine to monitor activities, and an Analytics engine to address KPIs, KRIs, Forecast, Scenario Management, and Stress Testing.

FRANSABANK, among other banks that have recently signed up to use VALOORES, has also extended the platform’s use to incorporate VALOORES’ Business Analytics framework; a point in time decision-making vehicle at local and consolidated information levels. Its engine transforms internal capital, risk, valuation, and other data streams, into actionable information, to sustain end-to-end regulatory financial reporting across jurisdictions, circle back findings to stakeholders’ dashboards, and transform the regulatory reporting perception from an administrative headache to a valuable asset to drive the business.

FRANSABANK’s relationship with VALOORES is to secure a strategy of keeping pace with the complexity of today’s regulatory environment and in maintaining cost-effectiveness across all operations. VALOORES' integrated platform and content-rich offering is expected to enable FRANSABANK to meet financial and regulatory requirements, while also streamlining their reporting processes across critical business functions. This should provide FRANSABANK with the flexibility to meet evolving regulatory demands, an ever-increasing range of information to regulators.

VALOORES is pleased to have been selected by FRANSABANK Group as their strategic Regulatory partner and is looking forward to working closely on ensuring a rapid paced implementation. This strategic and holistic approach empowers FRANSABANK to address quickly stringent and multiple submission deadlines emanating from regional and global authorities while delivering data aggregation capabilities and a single source of data, to ensure consistency, reconciliation, accuracy, and internal controls.


VALOORES, established in 1989, is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Management and Decision Making solutions. We are a World Class Company catering solutions, products, and services to Tier 1 enterprises. Our resource pool is spread over North America (US and Canada), Europe (Eastern and Western), North Africa, and the Middle East.

VALOORES Banking and Finance is focused around instituting a progressive financial and non-financial ecosystem, sustainable, and scalable, to effectively lay out a blueprint to address multi-directional financials that meet customers’ needs.

VALOORES has embraced the metamorphosing banking business models, to sustain growth and tackle challenges segregated around governance, risk, compliance, regulatory financial reporting, profitability, AML, ALM, payments, competition, branding, loyalty, Omni-channel experience, trust and engagement, and commoditization.

VALOORES’ mission statement is focused around bringing the Banking and Finance’s lost opportunities to the front burner. Our solution will level set markers to embrace a competitive edge; the institutions’ goals in sales, profitability, risk, compliance, BI and Analytics, customers’ acquisition, retention, and addressing attrition. For more information, please visit


FRANSABANK was first established as one of the major French Banks, then secured several strategic alliances with internationally renowned banks and financial institutions such as Crédit Agricole in France, German Investment & Development Co. (DEG) in Germany, and the Public Institution for Social Security in Kuwait.

Groupe Caisse D’Epargne, through their subsidiary Financière Océor, has taken a stake of up to 40% of the Share Capital of FRANSABANK (France) SA, the French subsidiary of FRANSABANK Group. Since the 80's FRANSABANK is present in France, Algeria, Syria, Belarus, Lebanon, Libya, and Sudan. FRANSABANK's products and services are spread over Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, and Investment & Private Banking.

FRANSABANK Group includes an Investment Bank, Three Commercial Banks (FRANSABANK, BLC Bank, and Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries), two Insurance Companies (BANCASSURANCE and FRANSABANK Insurance Services), a Leasing Company, an Electronic Payment Company (Switch & Electronic services), and a Real Estate Company (SOGEFON). For more information, please visit