in’Financial Crime – Anti Money Laundering & Fraud Monitoring Solution
Jan, 2018

Bank of Beirut, a leading global multinational commercial bank, adopts VALOORES' in'Financial Crime services to contain Anti Money Laundering and secure Regulatory diligence across its worldwide branches and operations. The implementation spans a suite of asset classes, and covers all conventional key functions of AML, alongside a Next Gen Analytics-enabled life cycle.

VALOORES is pleased to have been selected by Bank of Beirut on the Financial Crime battlefield, to anchor the strategic partnership, emanating from the iconic success story with its subsidiary, BoB Finance, the progressive Western Union Agent. VALOORES is looking forward to working closely on ensuring a rapid-paced implementation. This strategic and holistic approach empowers Bank of Beirut to immediately address and anticipate stringent attacks, and meet due diligence against regional and global authorities.

VALOORES has the experience and knowledge to deliver Bank of Beirut’s requirements on Time, on Target, on Scope, on Budget, and is able to line up internal resources against full operation capabilities around the project.

Based on Bank of Beirut’s requirements, most areas of the project are implemented using VALOORES’ vanilla services. VALOORES provides an integrated solution based on its proven technology, state of the art services, and best practices accumulated over 30 years of successful implementations around the globe.

Bank of Beirut’s relationship with VALOORES rotates around securing a strategy of marching at the same drum with the complexity of today’s, and tomorrow’s Financial Crime spectrum, and in maintaining cost-effectiveness across all operations. VALOORES' integrated platform and content-rich offering is expected to secure Bank of Beirut’s activities and anticipate potential Fraud & Money Laundering activities, while streamlining their multinational regulatory obligations and processes across critical business functions. This provides Bank of Beirut with the flexibility to embrace evolving regulatory demands, and contain the ever-increasing Fraud & Money Laundering Risk.

VALOORES: in’Financial Cime – Anti Money Laundering

Financial institutions are working hard to fight Financial Crime and Bank Fraud, driven by demands to protect their assets, alongside Regulatory Compliance. One area of specific focus is that of Anti-Money Laundering (AML). For many institutions, there are several challenges to creating a sustainable AML organization; one that can respond to regulatory reporting mandates and provide information to support “business as usual” demands, while also finding, developing, and retaining talent needed to accomplish these critical activities.

VALOORES’ Financial Crime and Compliance suite of services helps financial institutions tackle today's tactical risk and compliance problems while future-proofing compliance spent across regulatory mandates.

Standardization, centralization, and optimization are ultimate objectives. Individual opportunities should be identified, converted, and used as a foundation on which to build. Activities such as Compliance, Case Management, or Analytical Reporting around risk, are often a prime target to begin the journey towards standardization and/or centralization. Some banks and financial institutions may want to look within a specific line of business, while others may want to consider a broader range of activities; the key is to start with a specific focus, and develop a methodology that works, and that can be leveraged.

VALOORES’ AML solution provides regulators and key stakeholders a 360 view on financial activity, customer and employee risk, to transparently detect and investigate potential money laundering behavior; a bank can identify potential perpetrators across all customer life cycle stages, with advanced risk deviation and risk scoring models.

Financial institutions not only gain visibility into the risk associated with their customers and employees, but also the risk associated with whom and where they are doing business. Transparent regulatory and management reporting is also available for compliance operations, with advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities. Financial institutions can constantly monitor the overall activity of a customer, employee, account, correspondent bank, and other third parties by leveraging automated and comprehensive surveillance across all business lines. The solution analyzes the behavior of customers, employees, entities and partners in every transaction across the enterprise; creating the needed visibility to better understand risk and opportunities.

… with Analytics

On a daily basis, banking systems generate and store massive amounts of data (e.g. customer information, transaction details, credit card details). Accordingly, thousands of decisions are taken. With such a volume, the manual analysis of data is inefficient, if not impossible, especially if the velocity, variety, and veracity of data are taken into account.

The conventional process is limited to incident identification, avoidance detection, and suspicion surveillance. But the analytics engine can unveil implicit relationships, trend patterns, exceptions, and anomalies, that are hidden to human analysts and expert rules, like smurfing and networked transactions.

The analytics engine is tailored to the bank's experience. In fact, its algorithms are trained on the bank‘s historical and operational databases, and not on generic data. Thus, it allows the bank to learn its clients and employees, alongside their behavior, from its own experience with them, instead of relying on generic rules.


VALOORES, established in 1989, is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Management and Decision Making solutions. We are a World Class Company catering solutions, products, and services to Tier 1 enterprises. Our resource pool is spread over North America (US and Canada), Europe (Eastern and Western), North Africa, and the Middle East.

VALOORES Banking and Finance is focused around instituting a progressive financial and non-financial ecosystem, sustainable, and scalable, to effectively lay out a blueprint to address multi-directional financials that meet customers’ needs.

VALOORES has embraced the metamorphosing banking business models, to sustain growth and tackle challenges segregated around governance, risk, compliance, regulatory financial reporting, profitability, AML, ALM, payments, competition, branding, loyalty, Omni-channel experience, trust and engagement, and commoditization.

VALOORES’ mission statement is focused around bringing the Banking and Finance’s lost opportunities to the front burner. Our solution will level set markers to embrace a competitive edge; the institutions’ goals in sales, profitability, risk, compliance, BI and Analytics, customers’ acquisition, retention, and addressing attrition. For more information, please visit

About Bank of Beirut Group

Bank of Beirut is a leading commercial bank, founded in 1963 in Beirut, Lebanon; it was listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange as of 1997. The Bank experienced organic growth alongside acquisitions of Banque Libano-Bresilienne, Mebco Bank, Transorient Bank, Beirut Riyadh Bank, Al-Madina Bank, and Laiki Bank (renamed to Bank of Sydney).

Bank of Beirut operates across 4 continents: Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide in Australia, Oman, United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, Dubai-UAE to serve in the GCC, Qatar, Nigeria, and Ghana.

About BoB Finance, Western Union Agent

BoB Finance is a financial institution owned by Bank of Beirut and licensed by the Central Bank of Lebanon. In 2009, BoB Finance was appointed as Western Union’s agent to provide services such as domestic and international transfers. With over 800 sub-agents across the country, BoB Finance provides key services such as: Remittance, Bill Payments, Mobile Top-up, and payment facility for Fly Dubai and Corporate Cash Collection. For more information, please visit