VALOORES signs with Bank Of Beirut Group (BoB)
October 7, 2019

VALOORES signs with Bank Of Beirut Group (BoB) a Pre-Adopter Roadmap of the Full VALOORES Financial Performance Management System Lifecycle, over an Enterprise Wide solid Data Governance Foundation. Another Milestone after VALOORES’ iconic success story with Bank Of Beirut on the Financial Crime - Next Gen Anti Money Laundering spectrum, and with its subsidiary BoB Finance, the Western Union Agent on a fully-fledged Payment System Lifecycle.

Bank of Beirut, a leading global multinational commercial bank, adopts VALOORES' in'Financial Performance Management System services to secure grip over its Regulatory & Financial diligence across its worldwide branches and operations. The implementation spans a suite of asset classes, and covers a Next Gen Platform of Governance, Risk, and Compliance frameworks, alongside a Next Gen Analytics-enabled life cycle.

VALOORES is pleased to have been selected by Bank of Beirut on the Financial Performance spectrum, to anchor the strategic partnership, emanating from the iconic success story on the Financial Crime landscape, alongside its subsidiary, BoB Finance, the progressive Western Union Agent. VALOORES is looking forward to working closely on ensuring a rapid-paced implementation. This strategic and holistic approach empowers Bank of Beirut to immediately address and anticipate Governance, stringent Risk, and heavyweight Compliance and meet due diligence against regional and global authorities.

VALOORES has the experience and knowledge to deliver Bank of Beirut’s requirements on Time, on Target, on Scope, on Budget, on Quality, and is able to line up internal resources against full operation capabilities around the project.

Based on Bank of Beirut’s requirements, most areas of the project are implemented using VALOORES’ vanilla services. VALOORES provides an integrated solution based on its proven technology, state of the art services, and best practices accumulated over 30 years of successful implementations around the globe.

Bank of Beirut’s relationship with VALOORES rotates around securing a strategy of marching at the same drum with the complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s Digital Transformation, in the Financial Services spectrum, and in maintaining cost-effectiveness across all operations. VALOORES' integrated platform and content-rich offering is expected to secure Bank of Beirut’s Governance activities and anticipate Risk while streamlining their multinational regulatory obligations and processes across critical business functions. This provides Bank of Beirut with the flexibility to embrace the Digital Transformation headwinds, optimize Financial performance, and stay a minute in advance of the evolving Regulatory Compliance.

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