VALOORES announces the Next Generation v20 Ecosystem
May 20, 2020

VALOORES announces the Next Generation v20 ecosystem that marches at the same drum with the latest Digital Transformation guidelines, to align with the metamorphosing Business models, benchmark Data Readiness, and explore Data Challenges when addressing Complex and Changing Business requirements.

VALOORES R&D harnesses its value-based competencies to streamline its Technology stack and Design frameworks with the market’s latest trends, and leverages its road map emanating from our lessons learned with our progressive Tier 1 customers around the globe.

VALOORES embraces the “SECOND WAVE” of FinTech, RegTech, & GovTech Trends

VALOORES embraces the “Second Wave” by focusing on the trends with highest potential within such a vibrant ecosystem.

VALOORES BI & AI - Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics
VALOORES technology analyzes large data sets to identify patterns and respond to them. Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics are at the heart of the Analytics engine, to research human behavior and plot Behavioral Analytics.   more

VALOORES BLOCKCHAIN saves back office costs by eliminating mistakes, increasing the efficiency of the ledger, and enhancing the transparency and security of data; all that as the P2P network of computers supporting the BLOCKCHAIN is decentralized, the transactions recorded are permanent and cannot be altered. Blocks (transactions) are added chronologically, Transactions are permanent and cannot be altered, enhancing the transparency and security of data.   more

VALOORES Digital Identity
VALOORES introduced its Digital ID framework using controls to monitor the identity of individual users of a network; VALOORES Digital Identity Management allows or limits access to systems and data, to simplify organizational operations and enhance customer experience.   more

VALOORES Cybersecurity
VALOORES delivers its Cybersecurity solutions, to help Financial Services Providers protect their systems from phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks; all that, due to the heightened risk of cybersecurity threats.   more

VALOORES Robo Advisor
VALOORES Robo Advisors provide automated advice to improve customer service with minimal human intervention, allow investment advisors target the mass affluent as a new customer base, among many other applications.

VALOORES Robotics is designed to apply logic driven algorithms, to perform high volume, low value added tasks, instead of humans. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can manipulate data and interact with other systems, improving quality, speed and agility.   more

VALOORES Digital Information Management
VALOORES leverages Master Information Management with the Digital Asset Management (store, share, and organize digital assets in a central location), Consent Management (collect and handle users’ consents, manage data subjects’ requests and pass all consent-related data to the respective ad partners), and Mastering the Identity Management

VALOORES - A Brief Summary in few Lines

VALOORES empowers decision making, helping people and businesses around the globe reach their targets. Founded in 1989 in France, the Company is a pioneer in Master Data Governance, Retail & Merchandising, Supply Chain Optimization, KYC, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime - AML & Fraud, Predictive Analytics and Data Science to improve their on-going operations, executions and decisions.
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